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Spirit Powder

Spirit Powder

This sacred powder is used to detox and cleanse the mind, body and spirit . The main ingredient Cascarilla is used to banish negative energies, protection, calming and purification. This powder has been enhanced with added herbs to aid in strengthening the spiritual benefit.

For Calming: Place a small amount of powder onto your fingertips and place on your 3rd eye, temple and crown. Take a few deep breaths and pray for calming energy and any stress or anxiety to be released.

For Protection: Add purified water and 1/4 of powder from vial into a small spray bottle. Shake well and spray onto yourself or in your space while praying and setting the intention to be protected from any persons or place that is not conducive to your spirit.

For Cleansing: Pour Vial into 1 qt of purified room temp water. Mix with hands while praying and asking the Divine Spirit to aid you in whatever you need to release or heal. Set aside and shower as you normally would. Turn shower off and stand in tub, pour the mixture on the center of your head. *Can also be used from the neck down. Pat dry and dress in light colors. Continue with your day staying positive and asking the Divine for what it is that you now want to attract into your life,